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Sound Targeting —

Your Personal Radio Network

You have a great organization with great stories to tell...

We can help you target your message.



Hometown Radio

Your story is delivered to a national audience through interviews with your association members. Each interview is delivered to local and regional media.


Audio News Releases 

Sound Targeting can tell your breaking news with its vast reach of radio stations nationwide -- delivered directly to station newsrooms.

Using your spokesperson and our decades of broadcast news experience, these stories get heard.

The Inside Scoop

 Not all communications are for the public. “The Inside Scoop” is meant for the members of your company or your association. On a regular basis, Sound Targeting will interview your President or Executive Director, with questions you want answered.

We then edit it into a talk show type audio file, and send it to you on CD for placement on your web site. Members and employees will never have to feel like they’re in the dark about what’s going on again.

Public Service Announcements

If you have a campaign that will last for days, weeks, or even months, Sound Targeting produces PSAs for national distribution -- available in English and Spanish.



For more information on Sound Targeting services, please call 847-581-1478 or complete our informational form...

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