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Sound Targeting, teamed up with several of the nation's leading medical associations, provides your listeners with interesting and vital health information in The 60 Second Checkup.

This program brings listeners cutting edge technology, practical tips and stories of new medical techniques to keep them healthy





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Rural Health Today focuses on health care from the rural perspective, providing health news targeted specifically at the unique needs and concerns of Rural America.

Your listeners get the latest health news five-days-a-week, directly from the leading experts in rural health.



minute for kids

Healthy children grow into healthy adults. A Minute for Kids from the American Academy of Pediatrics brings the crucial 18-34 age group the best information from one of the nations leading pediatricians.

Each Monday thru Friday Dr. Don Shifrin presents the most accurate information from the worlds latest research in Pediatric medicine. A real audience builderAdvice from birth to age 18, A Minute for Kids is must listening for all new parents, and even grandparents.



Stations - In order to broadcast any Sound Targeting programs, you must notify us and submit a signed copy of the affiliate agreement.

If your station is running any program and you have not notified us, or submitted a signed copy of our affiliate agreement, please contact us immediately at 847-581-1478.



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